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The Children of the Tardis


Do you love to RP? Are you tired of the turnover of Tumblr RPs, or feel like your writing ability is not being used to it's full capacity there? Have you played in the same group/game for over a year? Or have you always wanted to? Do you like plotting, capable writers, and having a blast with no drama?
Do you want to see some strong, capable women and men kick some ass without the help of a 1200 year old Time Lord?

Than this game is right for you! The players involved in creating it have a long history of sticking out games and long term plots, we're fun, easy going, and have a no drama policy (unless it's in game, we love in game drama!)

w e l c o m e Mod Journal Game OOC

all of time and space

All across space and time, people are going missing. Vanishing into thin air without a trace, from homes, work, cars, carriages, spacecrafts. There is no evidence left behind, no sign of a struggle. Only one word. One word burned into whatever is near where the person once was. Over and over, across centuries and light-years: Doctor.

On a remote rock billions of years in the future, a group of men and women are finding themselves waking up in a prison. Upon arriving, they find themselves locked alone in a cell. Disoriented and unsure of where they are or how they arrived, they only know one thing for sure: They are in trouble.

As minutes pass, they hear voices calling out. Some they may recognize, other’s are new. Something that is dressed as a monk passes by, but it carries a sword. Quickly, they piece together the one thing they have in common, they all stepped foot inside a blue box that was bigger on the inside.

what? what?! what!!!

All of the Doctor’s companions, old and new, are being taken out of their timelines. The Ponds have been taken from 1930s New York, Rose from the alternate universe, Martha and Mickey from their fight against dangerous aliens on Earth... and many many more. As more and more arrive and more time passes, they realized one simple thing: The Doctor isn’t coming to save them this time. They’re totally on their own. Will they figure out who took them? Will they escape only to face the wild planet they’ve been brought to? What will happen when Amy and Rose come face to face, or when River meets Clara? How will Donna react, since she doesn't remember the Doctor and has no idea how she became a prisoner in space?

wibbly wobbly-timey wimey

Given that we will be working towards some major plot points in game, I want to make sure no one vanishes for too long from the ingame timeline. So for the purpose of this game, every two weeks in real time will equal one day in game time. The posting minimum will be 1 post every two weeks, so this is making sure your character is accounted for everyday. Not every post has to be major. You will only be required to post a log once a month. Of course, we love activity, so feel free to be as active as your heart’s desire!

meet companions

Every Thursday-Saturday will be “meal time” in the game, where all of the companions will be together in one room to be fed and have a chance to interact. The only thing, besides each companion’s clothing, that they will be allowed to have in their single jail cell is an electronic log. While you can read others’ logs and even comment on them, just remember, you’re being watched! At random intervals, guards will come around to collect them and will send bits of your posts to the Doctor, wherever he is. Just to mock him. Don’t forget, there’s passing secret notes between cells and late night whispered conversations too. Don’t let the bars hold you back!

a villain at every turn

Creatures at least one other prisoner can identify as a headless monk are guarding the prisoners, and they have no voice, no heads, and no mercy. If they catch you breaking the rules, you will be punished, harshly.

Application Companions Rules Wanted PROFILE CODE
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