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Doctor Who season 7

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The Children of the Tardis


Do you love to RP? Are you tired of the turnover of Tumblr RPs, or feel like your writing ability is not being used to it's full capacity there? Have you played in the same group/game for over a year? Or have you always wanted to? Do you like plotting, capable writers, and having a blast with no drama?
Do you want to see some strong, capable women and men kick some ass without the help of a 1200 year old Time Lord?

Than this game is right for you! The players involved in creating it have a long history of sticking out games and long term plots, we're fun, easy going, and have a no drama policy (unless it's in game, we love in game drama!)
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Drops of Jupiter (Doctor Who Fanfic)

Title: Drops of Jupiter
Pairings: Amy/(Rory), Doctor/Rose (in memory)
Rating: PG-13 just to be on the safe side
Summary: Amy wants to know about who came before her in the TARDIS. Takes place between Vincent and the Doctor and The Lodger, so Rory is dead/never existed. But Amy remembers something.
Spoilers: Through all of series 6 just to be safe.
Notes: Thank you Shannon for being great and letting me torture you with this.

There is a room in the TARDIS with a clear ceiling and the floor is nothing but pillows and blankets and cushions. Amy discovers it when she is up wandering around the night after Van Gogh. How was she suppose to sleep after that? Though, if she lets herself think about it very much, she hasn’t been sleeping well for weeks. Maybe months. It’s hard to tell time in the TARDIS. Which, she thinks is kind of funny since it’s a time machine. After they almost started a war with the big lizard people, ever since that, Amy barely sleeps. Her bed feels empty.

Which is weird since it’s the top bunk and it would barely fit another person. Unless they were really skinny.

But more importantly is the Red Carpet room, which is what Amy named it the first time she found it.

“That name is boring, Amelia. I hope you aren’t the one who names your children, you pick the most boring names. Amy, The Red Carpet. Honestly, have you no imagination? That room is clearly more like a giant fort! It’s the greatest pillow fort anyone has ever built. With no roof. Or pillow walls. So not like a pillow fort at all. Forget the pillow fort. Why are we even talking about forts?”

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Seriously Lea Michele, who AREN'T you sleeping with??

So, as an active member of achele_loving, puckrachel, and loveourbaby I feel sometimes like a three-timing whore. But a three-timing whore that's having A BLAST.

So, after seeing all kinds of picspams about various RL couples with Glee, I decided to make my own. But it's really about Lea Michele. And it's kinda more of a youtube/pic spam.

And how she's definitly probably sleeping with Cory.

And Mark.

And totes Dianna.

**I should express that I in no way think Lea Michele is slutty or a whore in any negative way. If I had it like that, I would be sleeping with all three of them too. So this is not a judgement call, and I hope that if anyone comments, they do not resort to slut-shaming, or I will delete your comments. :)**

So, we'll go in order of height. Which starts us off with CORY!

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We're two good looking jews... it's natural.Collapse )


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So. My conclusion in this is that Lea is having fun, causual, no-strings attached sex with Cory, hot, kinky, I really want to possess you but I can't so I'm kinda pissed off about it sex with Mark, and soft, caring, I might be in love with you but I'm kinda unsure what that means so I'm still sleeping with two guys to make it less confusing for me sex with Dianna.

Call me crazy. But that is what I am seeing. :D

Wow, Do you like how I spent TWO HOURS on that when I can't make myself work on my book reports at all? :D I hope everyone enjoyed!
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All of you that read Twlight (and are willing to admit it for a poll...)

Poll #1337317 So... about this blood lust.

So, the vampires in Twlight are suppose to have mad blood lust when they smell human blood, right?

No, you missunderstood.
Blood lust?

So, assuming the above question was yes... Edward has mentioned that his has EXTRA blood lust about Bella. His wanting to eat her is at a constent 7?

Yes, Edward wants to eat Bella in a literal way.
No no. He can control it so well he never thinks about it.

And, the natural next question is WHAT DO THEY DO WHEN BELLA IS ON HER PERIOD??

Bella tells Edward to avoid her for one week every month so he doesn’t lose control at eat her.
Bella doesn’t HAVE periods. She’s too perfect.
Meyers didn’t factor this in because she believes periods are not going to get in the way of TRU LOVE.
I’m not speaking to you right now. You betrayed me and your reading of that trash!

Along those lines... how do the Cullens in general handle going to school where half the student body could be bleeding at any given time?

You thought WAY to much about it.
Vampires can ignore THAT kind of blood because it is unclean and would make them think of SEX.
Viginas are yucky.
Books about teenage girls don’t mention periods because no one likes to think about them.

This poll has convenced you I have...

To much free time. Aren’t you in graduate school?
A sick mind.
Too many women in the same living space on their periods right now.

I am very curious on your ideas! Please leave me comments so we can further discuss this interesting topic!
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And on the topic of free speech...

Okay, so I have been kinda posting about this for the last two days, and I am finally really going to write about it.

LiveJournal is owned by a company called Six Apart. Six Apart has taken it upon itself to “purge” LiveJournal of about 500 journals and communities. They reason they are giving is that the journals/communities support illegal activity. Good right? Only, the illegal activity they seem to be going after is fanfiction that includes things like child-sex and incest. Well, your view on those topics aside... they are stories written about fictional characters. These are not real life children. No on is acting on anything. Some very famous writers wrote on these very topics. And yet, LiveJournal finds itself in the position to delete these works.

This is an outright violation of Free Speech.

For more information, has a very informative article on what has been happening. You know it’s serious when it has made it out of LJ.

Now, I would really like it if LJ would make an official post explaining what is happening.

Let me remind you that Romeo and Juliet took place when Juliet was only 14, and she got married and slept with Romeo. And almost every VC Andrews book is about incest.

Just saying.

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