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Seriously Lea Michele, who AREN'T you sleeping with??

So, as an active member of achele_loving, puckrachel, and loveourbaby I feel sometimes like a three-timing whore. But a three-timing whore that's having A BLAST.

So, after seeing all kinds of picspams about various RL couples with Glee, I decided to make my own. But it's really about Lea Michele. And it's kinda more of a youtube/pic spam.

And how she's definitly probably sleeping with Cory.

And Mark.

And totes Dianna.

**I should express that I in no way think Lea Michele is slutty or a whore in any negative way. If I had it like that, I would be sleeping with all three of them too. So this is not a judgement call, and I hope that if anyone comments, they do not resort to slut-shaming, or I will delete your comments. :)**

So, we'll go in order of height. Which starts us off with CORY!

First, I am going to start off with what is clearly my FAVORITE Lea/Cory interview of all time. The one with Lea thinking about how much Cory whacks in the morning. I mean, how long he snoozes for...

Look at around 3:05 when the interviewer asks how many whacks of the snooze and Lea turns into a 12 year old boy and spits her water back up. I laugh EVERY TIME. And the manscaping, LOLZ.

I will have to say... I know this section is about Cory/Lea... but Lea's hair looks a little extra lesbian-sih in this interview...

Backstage at The View. Lea does that thing with the STARING. And her "because I'm smart!" I love them. And how she knows where he gets all his clothes. Which I assume means she takes him shopping so he looks even better on her arm.

Behind the scenes on the EW Photoshoot. This one I couldn't decide if it was a Cory or a Dianna video... because Cory is holding onto Lea's hips a lot... and Dianna does the STARING THING. But because of the touching, this one went to Cory. Though I think it might be proof she's doing them both.

Now.. that video use to have a bit where Cory start AIR HUMPING Lea during the photoshoot and Lea starts going "Hey hey hey!" and for some reason I can't find it anymore. But it make me LOL a lot.

Now some pitures....


This one looks like it caught a very... intimate moment between them. Something about it kinda makes me a little flustered. In a good way!


That one makes me LOL all over the place. I'm aware it's for a photoshot, but I just love it, and it's so them. Very fun and carefree. I feel as though neither of them take things too seriously, which I enjoy.


This is them playing around on set during Wheels. And again with the goofy.

Now, I could keep going with Cory and Lea... but Mark and Dianna are getting jealous, so moving on!


So, I'll be honest. I ship Rachel/Puck a TON more then Lea/Mark. Mainly because I feel like the two of them are so rarely placed next to each other in events and we don't get to see much of them. But, I still suspect Lea of dooooing him. And really, WHO CAN BLAME EITHER OF THEM?? They are very very attractive. I'd go hetero for Mark. :D

The way Lea says "Which he maaaay sing to someone in this room." all coy and cute like... it's adorable. And then she goes off about wanting to sing a duet with him. I just love it.

The Alex Chung Show.

So, THIS was the video that made me kinda fall in love with them. Around 1:54 when the music stops, Mark totally doesn't even try to sit down, allowing Lea to have the seat he easily could have taken from her. Then they HIGH FIVE. THEN THE EPIC SNUGGLE. At 2:26, when Lea gets out, she RUNS over to Mark and wraps his arms around her and totes snuggles into him. there is something about the way it's a snuggle and not like, a hug that made me go O_O. She kinda holds onto his hand for a minute and stays next to him.

At 1:24 they talk about how they want to sing a duet, and how Lea BEGGED for the Puck/Rachel story line. IE she BEGGED to get to make out with Mark. And by make out I mean straddle in the tiniest skirt ever.

Now... this picture made the interwebz explode.


They way they are holding hands here... it seems very coupley. Like, they're not even posing in the same pictures, Lea is posing with Cory, but it's like he's not going to let her forget he's standing next to her and she's currently HIS for this weekend. that photo shoot is also where the epic gif of Mark cock blocking Cory comes from.

And then this one is just uber cute.


Sorry this one is much shorter... there is just not nearly as much out there unles I pull in Puck/Rachel... which I could happly do... :D


So. I have gotten utterly sucked into Dianna/Lea. Like, they might be my otp of all time. I don't super ship Rachel/Quinn on the show, because I'm too distracted by Rachel/Puck, but Lea/Dianna? Totes in love. The evidence for this one is INTENSELY long, and I'm going to have to leave a LOT of my favorite stuff out in order for this post not to explode.

Most people seem to think that Lea is the lesbian and Dianna is just swept up in the moment, but I disagree. I get some very strong lesbian vibes from Dianna. I think she's utterly in love with Lea, and Lea sleeps with loves everyone (but Dianna a little more).

Let's start off with just HOW CUTE Dianna is about her and Lea living together (though they do not anymore.)

Just the way she talks about living with her. It's super cute.

Now... Lea with the same interviewee.

"How long have you lived together?" "For a while." They are having a GAY old time. :D

Now, Dianna's video diary might be the cutest thing of ALL TIME.

Once again, those two are always together. With the hugging and the touching and guh. And the dance party... which I have watched a few times and can never find Lea. I wonder if she's off brooding or something.

The interview in which Dianna cannot stop staring at her lips...

Really guys. She is clearly is not listening to anything Lea is saying, but spending the whole time picturing her naked. And trying to not lean in and kiss her. It's intense. Then the leaning against Lea... guh. I've watched this like, 20 times, and I feel a little dirty every time. Come on, how can you tell me Dianna is NOT in love with Lea?

Those are the only videos I'm posting, because I have many pictures to get too!



I don't even have to explain, do I?

Lea is so about to go bed this lady...


Look at her face. That is not the face you make when hanging out with your friends. That's Lea making plans for later.


the adorableness of this one is too much. They are the only ones touching in that picture (I'm not posting the entire thing because meh) and again with the arms around each other.






So, there is an interview, where Lea is holding Dianna's hand behind her back for the ENTIRE interview. Now, I love my friends... but we don't hold hands THAT MUCH.


Again, the only ones in the picture snuggling.


Uh hot? I don't remember my other points with this picture.

Now, for my conclusion...


Look a Lea's sex face. Then, let me tell you who is taking the picture. Dianna. Yes, that is very much a "come fuck me" look she is giving Ms. Dianna.

So. My conclusion in this is that Lea is having fun, causual, no-strings attached sex with Cory, hot, kinky, I really want to possess you but I can't so I'm kinda pissed off about it sex with Mark, and soft, caring, I might be in love with you but I'm kinda unsure what that means so I'm still sleeping with two guys to make it less confusing for me sex with Dianna.

Call me crazy. But that is what I am seeing. :D

Wow, Do you like how I spent TWO HOURS on that when I can't make myself work on my book reports at all? :D I hope everyone enjoyed!
Tags: fandom, glee, lea michele, picspam
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You forgot Matthew Morrison. She definitely had some of that too. Just hear them on Comic Con, LOL.

Nah, I don't call you crazy. But you are hahaha


November 17 2009, 01:01:28 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  November 17 2009, 01:01:42 UTC

Haha. I think I could also find stuff with Kevin and Jenna as well, but I had to keep it to my OT4. :D

And I am a little crazy.
*strokes chin*
I see, I see.
Very compelling evidence.
Hee! I had too much fun putting this together.
I'm on the Lea/Cory train. Can't bring myself to do Lea/Dianna past BFFs, buuuut I'm mainly commenting to show off my icon.


November 17 2009, 00:35:28 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  November 17 2009, 00:37:10 UTC

HA. I love that clip.

Haha Lea/Dianna FTW! You forgot to mention that Lea and Dianna own two cats together. How much gayer can you get?
And you should totally change your last picture to this one:

Image Hosted by

Don't mind the misspelling of Dianna's last name.
I love this one. It makes me GIGGLE SO MUCH.

And is Mark making eyes at Chris? :D I'm sure the Puck/Kurt shippers died at that. :D

Deleted comment

Hahaha. It's true.

They are much love. I think my post was a little Dianna/Lea heavy. :D

I need to go work on my bookreport now... uuuggghghh.
heheh oh Lea...she's just too sexy for all of them :D
That's why she's sleeping with all of them. One cannot handle her sexiness. :D
"that photo shoot is also where the epic gif of Mark cock blocking Cory comes from."

huh? what? huh? where? share? what? must see! please!


November 17 2009, 00:43:07 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  November 17 2009, 00:43:50 UTC


Posted on puckrachel by bide.


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I think you summerized this manifesto, with your very unf worthy fic "Dianna wasn't jealous" xD
I seriously need to write that from Lea's pov. It would be EPIC.


8 years ago

haha i love how touchy-feely Lea is with everyone. she's like the biggest flirt ever. i'm definitely in the Lea/Dianna camp. there's way more 'evidence' to support a Lea/Dianna ship. ;)
I don't think she's capable of keeping her hands to herself. Which I LOVE.
~LMFAO Lea is so Adorable in that first video!!!
I love how she just mumbles into the mic 'His flipcam....' and then goes 'I'll have much better answers about Cory. Go.'
Ohhhh the love for this woman.
LoL Cory cracks me up when he gets off his chair and spins around because he doesn't remember who Lea would go gay for. So. Cute
~Omg I love Lea. 'Because I'm SMART'... Duh!!!! <3 <3 <3
~Whoa you're right with the staring that D does. D has such a crush on Lea. Swear.
~That first pic of C and L is so adorable! Really.

~snuggles were cute, but omg this musical chair thing kills my life, I'm so waiting to see Dianna or Jenna fall off the chair!!!
~oooh that's a D/L video too. When they cut to commercial, Lea goes to Dianna and holds her hand.... they're very handsy!!!!
~Yeah not feeling the Mark/Lea love... Cute, but no ;)

~Yeah D is totally in love with Lea. Totally.
They don't live together anymore???! :( :(
~Gay. Totally, Utterly gay. If it hasn't come out that Lea (or Dianna) is dating Cory (or Mark) then you KNOW they are dating each other ;)
~Lea is the cutest thing EVAH!
~*Dianna* is the cutest thing EVAH!
~Hey yeah, No Lea anywhere to be seen... hmmmmm :(
~Yeah, they're together. Can you even ship people irl?! Cause these two? Are my firsts!

Thanks for this!!! You're awesome! Lea is awesome! Dianna is awesome!!
Just wow!!
That might be my favorite vid of her of all time. She's just SO ADORABLE. And Cory. Of those two. I believe Australia is where their love started. And by love I mean sex.

The Musical chairs is AMAZING. I keep watching it because it's just so hard core and Dianna, Chris, and Jenna get REALLY INTO IT.

No, lea moved out when they got back from Australia (cause she started sleeping with cory).

There is so much gay between them, the L Word needs to borrow some.

Someone pointed out to me that Lea might be operating the camera. *d'oh*

I have too much free time and I'm WAY too invested in Lea's sex life. hahahah.


8 years ago

Have totally added this to my favourites too by the way :)
I'm on the L/M and L/D trains. I'm so confused. I love this.
you don't have to choose, you can have all of them! :D Lea sure isn't choosing.

Suspended comment

hahah! I'm glad I'm not alone. You SHOULD. Because they are ALL DOING IT.

And I wouldn't say the Kevin thing too loud. The Mchalowitz fans might beat you up. LOL. :D
Haha wow! This is pretty effing awesome. And pretty goddman convincing. Lea gets around! Haha, and just because Lea/Dianna/Mark are my OT3, I want to post these gifs.

Just because I post this anywhere I can:


And because Lea's a dork. And Mark was talking about how much he likes birds in this clip and then Lea does that. Then he says "Here's one now." Or something haha.


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